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Highway Time

I like the kind of song
that will make me take my hands away
From the steering wheel
while driving 90 down the interstate
Lights in the mirror
tell me I made a mistake
Another 200 bucks
after three long court dates

Now I may be poor
but I ain’t that desperate
I ain’t sold my guitars off
to pay my rent yet
But I still get a little nervous
as I pull out my paycheck
I guess this week will show me
what I really can’t live with

I ain’t asking for much,
just a clean, fair chance
Maybe a little cash
that won’t so quickly leave my hands
Maybe all the records
from all my favorite bands
Definitely a better reason
to get too drunk and dance

So maybe I should slow my speed
Take stock of what I really need
Hear what the wise men heed
Take caution not to exceed
Only eat when I have to feed
Notice each and every deed
Cherish every healthy seed
Follow who I want to lead

Done and done
Is how it oughta end
But if you understand the rules
Watch how easily they bend
It’s hard for me to believe
How such words and feelings blend
I can’t fight the notion
That I only trust those I know have sinned


World of Lies

I never meant to build this world of lies
still I perpetuate it, find it hard to apologize
I’ll pick up the pieces some day soon
but until such a time, prepare for impending do do do doom

forever see the world through foggy eyes
cleared the lenses, but it’s far too late to have realized
sometimes it pays to just be true
it’s something that I’m finding harder and harder to do

as I spend my last day in bed
only one thought resides in my head
nothing from the books that I’ve read
it’s wasted energy like sending shockwaves through the dead.