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Solar flower



A Portal from One End of the Universe to Another

A Portal from One End of the Universe to Another

“Sometimes you’re just scattered across the ground, but sometimes you get scattered across the universe.”

Skatterd Spirits


The leaf, spirit of life and birth
The tree, spirit of wisdom and age
The moon, spirit of light and beauty
The earth, spirit of strength and unity
The black cloud, spirit of death and the unnatural

art is a joke.
it’s never done a thing for me
or anyone else.
just emotion and opinion
that has to be interpreted.
feeding egos and not paying well.
artists are only rich with themselves.
coupled with depression, mental anguish,
and a sense of not belonging.
what’s really real,
what really matter
when nothing really matters,
told in a language nobody understands.


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Album out Now!

Dear loyal readers,

The long-awaited debut EP from the Spanish Inquisition is now out and available for download at for pay-what-you-want (free). So you really have nothing to lose except a little harddrive space and twenty-one and a half minutes of your time. And let’s face it, it’s the holiday season and you’re not in school and you’re probably at home bored so this will be a great way to pass that time.

The tracklist is as follows (titles are case-sensitive):

1. Skatterd Spirits

2. These Eyes are as the Devil’s Wings

3. If I don’t go to Hell

4. Stephanapolous

5. Fish are the Blood

6. immer mit der Ruhe

7. 3rd Chaunces are Beautiful

8. The Stars are (actually) just Lonely


Here are the front and back covers if, you know, this ever sees some type of physical release and for your itunes or google music or whatever you’re using.

back coverfront cover










Coo Coo Cachoo and Pleasant Holidays,

the author of this blog

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don’t be overwhelmed by the brevity