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Nothing special tonight,
just another click in the wheel.
Settling into yet another notch.
Struggling to overtake that next tooth.
I am only Mr. Sun and Planet.
He is the Reciprocating Arm.
Pull or push me,
I’ll spin the same path.
Heat me up, make me smoke,
I am just an aeolipile.
He is the fire.
My brothers, my sisters,
we are the simplest parts of the gearbox.
Never moving, never changing,
just spinning.

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skin pale, hair dark and shimmering
metal struck seductively through the skin
black polyester wrapped tightly around the thighs
the weight carried on the toe of the boots
excites myself as she darts around
as easy and smoothly as the air
that lifts up her skirt
so slightly, tastefully, and appropriately,
yet desirably, absorbingly, and temptingly

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The trucks here,
I can hear it
bringing those pretty flowers
I’ll never see.
The ground’s so soft
I’m slipping down.
This box is too small
I’m claustrophobic.
My mouth won’t move
I cannot breathe.

And the trumpet plays
or the rifles fire
or the bagpipes sing
I can’t care.
This show isn’t for me.
All I need is the plot of the land,
the granite stone, the sincere thoughts
they have all provided me.


a vegan and a minister
exchange words in the street
their gestures are ecstatic
their mouths are hard to read
the headline in the paper
says, “Something has to happen.”

So never buy a gun
don’t ever pay your rent
you can avoid paying for torpedoes
your money is better spent.
and at the president’s speech
he says, “Something has to happen.”

you’re laying it on the floor
the room is dark and empty
your voice is strained and weak
but still you’re screaming
you were just venting
and no one was even listening
the twisted artist grieves
sings, “Nothing’s going to happen.”

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the mind is a loaded gun
it fires at itself
because someone who wants to kill
isn’t as strong as someone who has to die.

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Once again, I met the spine of the jellyfish,
gave the reporter worse news than he wanted,
burned an unopened letter,
had dinner with the right hand’s teeth,
fed all of the sharks a treat,
voted, drove, smoked, ate, slept, sang,
listened, talked, walked, aberrated, mourned,
and sometimes I wonder why I just sit here
in this big lonely house available to all of my pleasures.
Never having a motivation to go outside.



Yrambles of Yimds drifting along
eating each other, becoming strong.
Incessant chitter-chatter through mindless silence
their color-coded flame-bodies in complete darkness.
Most of a ghost of a part of a soul.
Split yourself up entirely in control.
Consume all of your neighbors, watch yourself grow
Restarting the cycle when your flame-body explodes.

And solitary Yimds with no competition
a detachedness that defies description.
A feeling, a knowing, emptiness throughout
no longer blowing up, finally blowing out.

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Feed the animal
strangers in a pile
forget the teeth it bears
stay just a little while

spread the word around
advertise in the daily post
keep the disc around
for the one who wants it most

see the devil in full digital display
then in your sleep every single day
and in the morning it’ll reek so well
but if it was any worse this would be hell.

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if we were all tall and meaningless
we would sell our selves for manuscripts
and reach for things intangible
dig plastic gardens and research love
not abberating or changing course
accepting facts without knowing the source
too often downed or too often rejoiced.



I am down on my knees
but there is nothing left to say
my pen has run out of ink
my eyes are too burnt to blink
there’s nothing I have to sing
except my world is drawing blanks
the ship is blue and left to sink
it couldn’t impress me anyway